Software engineer


Software engineer


Developer, sometimes blogger and speaker.

Bearded linuxian and code evangelist keen on open source, mobile apps and privacy.


DevFest du Bout du Monde - 2019

A DevFest has been made in Brest! Two Google Developers Groups, FinistDevs and Code d'Armor worked on the 1st DevFest convention in Brittany! 4 tracks with more than 30 keynotes and workshops about Android, IoT, M2M, communication, UX, security, web or also communication. Around 350 attended to this event, with more than 20 companies and several associations. More details on the website and the press folder ;-)

Café Vie Privée - Lannion 2018

Privacy is an important and hot topic, and citizens may need to discover and learn best practices and tools to secure their uses of the digital world and be more protected. That is the reason why a Café Vie Privée has been made at Lannion with keynotes and partners (press folder). A keynote has been created about cryptocurrencies and privacy.

Libre en Fête Trégor - 2018

Contributed with Code d'Armor and other associations to set up the 2018 edition of Libre en Fête en Trégor. This event had the aim of making people discover free and open-source worlds, and also other subjects like DIY, open data and privacy. Tools, softwares, objects, keynotes, games, and workshops were here so as to make people be concerned and handle these themes. Audience was between 700 and 800 people. Made a keynote about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Startup Weekend Saint Brieuc - 2017

After having participated to 3 Startup Weekends, I decided to be a member of the organization team for the 2017 edition of Startup Weekend Saint Brieuc. I set up with them the event, and managed the teams of participants during this 54-hours-long-week-end.

Code d'Armor - Keynotes & workshops

Code d'Armor is an organization created with the aim of gathering developers in the Trégor for network and help purposes. The group makes meetups about new technologies and tools, and is also a Google Developer Group. I contribute to this organization since 2013 (lead and communication). I have also made keynotes about ÐApps on Ethereum in 2018, blockchains in 2017, software testing in 2016 and WebRTC in 2014.

Orange - Workshops with kids

The Orange Group makes possible to power workshops for youngsters and inpatent children. The aim is to make them discover programmation with fun using Scratch, Scratch Junior, mBots and oorobots.

Associations - Communication

Being a member of associations, here Code d'Armor and AAEE, I communicate about them using mail campaigns and social networks. I design also some graphical assets if needed.

ENSSAT - Engineer

As a former student of ENSSAT, I contribute to AAEE (since 2015) so as to help students, provide services to former graduates and promote school.

Code d'Armor - Hi Robots!

With the FabLab of Lannion and Anticipa, I created in 2017 with Code d'Armor a meetup about robotics with open-source and open-hardware components. Invited people introduced their projects with the aim of talking to people, making them discover how it works or searching contributors. Around 40 people attended to the meetup. A keynote has also been made so as to introduce the Tapster robot.

ENSSAT - Keynote

For its "Journée Portes Ouvertes 2016", ENSSAT invited me to make a keynote about the work of developer with its neat sides and its issues. The keynote has been made for youngsters, students and people interested by this job or just curious.

Startup Weekend Saint-Brieuc - Favorite

Startup Weekends are very cool and fun events where people coming from everywhere can work in teams about ideas of start-ups. The project I worked on has been awarded as the "Coup de Coeur du Jury" for the Startup Weekend 2016 of Saint-Brieuc. "Move it!" was a project which wanted to help egonomics to better record, analyze and improve moves with connected clothes.

Fête de la Science - Keynote & workshops

The "Fête de la Science" is a huge event in France during several days where cities can set up workshops and events for people about science. The schools are invited to the meetups, adults and children can experiment science themselves. I have been contacted in 2016 to make a keynote about programming and code for kids. I had a workshop with Code d'Armor dedicated to children to make them code with Scratch, Greenfoot and Makey-Makey.

Fest4Game - Keynote

The Fest4Game is a festival about games (e.g. video games, role play, trading cards, other games). During a week-end people come to play together without rest. Some indie game studios show their future products, and visitors can test new sensors and devices. That is the reason why I made in 2015 a keynote for them about the leap motion and its integration with Unity.

Hackathon ENSSAT - Mentor

To my mind developers should go to hackathons because of their ambiance, the huge stock of coffee and the fact that plenty of people have come to work on prooves of concept about a tricky subject. In 2015 a students team of ENSSAT have started their first hackathon, a very great and well managed one. With Code d'Armor, I contribute to this event as a "developer mentor" to help the participants.



Baah Box (fun for health)

Sometimes adults and children need to train their muscles before getting an arm prothesis or to recover plain control of their injuried limbs. Existing training solutions are expensive or not fun at all. Baah Box is a project where a DIY box is connected to sensors or joysticks, used by patients, and is appeared to mobile apps. They provide games and bring fun during those hard moments of training. Worked on Android and iOS apps and tools (for configuration as code, legal notices in Swift and Gradle, headers of sources in Swift).

Capster (test record)

We might need to record tests run on smartphones. However the USB port or the remote access are not available and we may be interested in being non intrusive. This project is free, open source and open hardware and provides a solution based on 3D-printable mount and Python product to record and photograph the target smartphone.

Tapster robot (automation)

Worked on a robot created for automation and mobile apps testing purposes. It may be included in DevOps processes so as to improve quality of softwares and tests. Bug fixes were brought, and software clients (Android, assistant, Python, Robot Framework, web app) have been implemented to use the robot.

Tips'n'tools (tech watch)

Created a cache-like system based on a spreadsheet and scripts to avoid to make always the same searches, and share content with my colleagues. It provides clients (Shell script and Progressive Web App) to list and find faster interesting references, tools, devices and specifications. Project hosted on GitHub.

Smooth Clicker (app)

Android app for rooted devices allowing the user to define points to click on its screen so as to automate tasks or to cheat on games. The app has reached an audience between 50,000 and 100,000 downloads, and is hosted on the store. The sources are available on GitHub.


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